Consulting on 'Stakeholder Engagement'

Companies have varied economic, environmental and social impacts across their sphere of influence. These varied impacts are perceived differently by each stakeholders group. Thus, it becomes important that an inclusive stakeholder engagement takes place which helps to identify and prioritize the key factors to take into account for sustainability and CSR programs. Doing business in the global environment also demands a higher degree of transparency and stakeholder engagement which becomes critical for success. With the same objective, we help organizations identify and engage stakeholders to build trust, define material impacts and reduce risks along local and global value chains.

Our consulting and guidance process is aimed at guiding the corporates through a phased approach to gathering stakeholder input, formalizing regular outreach and instilling the process into corporate business strategy. We follow global frameworks like AA1000SES, GRI & IFC on stakeholder engagement, and empower engagement from a corporate responsibility angle as an ongoing facet of business activities.

We believe that it is imperative to orchestrate comprehensive multi-stakeholder engagement exercise in order to gain perspectives on how clients rank and respond to material issues. This is essentially done through Materiality mapping aligned with GRI's G4 and IFC guidelines. Employing the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard, it provides a principles-based, open-source framework for quality stakeholder engagement and supports the AA1000APS Principle of Inclusivity.

Our deliverables consists of stakeholder engagement action planning which captures the whole strategy and assessment measures for such an exercise, summary of activities for technical purposes including materiality analysis and matrix, support in accordance with strategic sustainability consultancy.