About Us

Prisstine Systems is a professional consulting company that caters to the global clients in the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability Reporting, Integrated Reporting, Corporate Governance, Professional Ethics, Business Excellence and Process Improvement.

We, at Prisstine Systems, believe that the foundations of every corporate should be laid on the principles of sustainability, responsible governance and social responsibility. With this belief, we aim to help corporates fundamentally change their business models and embrace sustainability to progress on all the three pillars of people, planet and profit. Through the rich expertise of our consultants and advisors, we focus on developing a competitive edge for our clients that delivers long-term value for their businesses and ensures worthwhile returns for the stakeholder community.

A dedicated professional team with vast experience in policy making and compliance/audits, Prisstine Systems is helping the businesses in effectively managing their sustainability, governance and social responsibility compliances.